Thursday, April 02, 2009


here's our girl. she's getting so big!

we celebrated Gotcha Day with Gma Betty this year (she came to help me while kevin was on a TDY). Myah let off 3 red balloons since we got her three years ago. can you believe it? then we went to eat at our favorite chinese restaurant. she was having SO much fun! the last pix is of me with myah and eli. here's the crazy part; last year when we were at this same restaurant-sitting by the same pond-myah was almost 3 and eli was only 6 months old, sitting in his car seat. THIS YEAR, myah is almost 4, eli is a big boy and our OTHER BABY is in the car seat. what a year, i tell l ya! here's also the pix from last year...(the one with just kevin, myah and me is from 2008)

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Tracy said...

I can't believe it's been that long! WOW!

I'm coming to Wichita Falls in June for a few days. Are you guys gonna be around in the middle of June?