Tuesday, April 28, 2009


don't know where he got it, but baby ethan has two little dimples on either side of his mouth and one bigger one (can't see it in these pix) on his left cheek! SO CUTE! look at eli in the dryer pix; can you just see the oneryness in that boy or what?! the pix of both boys below...i saw those shirts w/ the lightening flashes and HAD to get them. their daddy's 'call sign' is FLASH! hahahaha!


KBrown's Bad Habit said...

Love the dimples! and look at that round face, would ya! He's a doll...just a few weeks and I'll be kissin' him all up!

As for Big E...I can see the "I really need to spank you right now, but I'm laughing too hard to do it!" thing happening far too often!!!! haaa...I love it!

bbrinley said...

Now THIS is the cutest! I'm so glad you keep the camera handy...and those little cutie pies keep smiling.

Mer-cy, Jenn, this blog is the most fun way to end a day. We are all blessed to see your family grow and change. God is goooood!

Patsy Gordon said...

Wow, what cute pics. Eli looks like he could say, "let's see-what can I get into next?" Ethan is growing so fast and is too cute. Myah's picture could be published on a magazine. Wow, what a doll. You do have your little bundles of entertainment in your house and what blessings they are. I agree with Grandma Betty-it lifts my spirits when I see new pictures you have put on the blog. Thanks for keeping us updated.