Sunday, May 17, 2009

sassy flops

buy a pair of flops. get some coordinating ribbon and yarn. (thanks for the yarn tip, KB!) tie the ribbon/yarn in knots up and down the straps. open the yarn pieces to make em fray-ey and fluffy. give all the pieces a little snippety-snip and wah-lah! you've got yourself a CUTE pair of sassy flops!

well, i came across a website that i'm hooked

from that site, i've found lots more cute sites; mostly of stay-at-home moms who SOMEHOW find the time to be oh so creative. anyway, this site shows tons of 'projects' and teaches you how to do them too. it kinda got my creative juices flowin' and i wanted to do something crafty, so i had a few friends over to make these flip flops for our daughters. i haven't made these since high school, but i do have to say they blow the ones i made back then way far away. here's some pix (thanks to karissa, my BFITW; she told me to add the pix of each step, like they do on these fun websites i've found...)

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