Tuesday, October 20, 2009

my heart hurts...Oh dear Jesus!

hello, friends-i'm posting with a very heavy heart today.
please pray for both of these sweet, young families...

on september 22 a friend of a friend died just a week after giving birth to her miracle baby girl Chloe. Sara Sullivan, the mom had been going thru chemo during her whole pregnancy-and praise the Lord, Chloe was born-early and tiny-but yet unaffected by the chemo! she stayed in the hospital for about a week and then, once she was home-all was well. yes, Sara still had her breast cancer to deal with, but a huge milestone had been reached-that their first baby was born healthy! Brad, Sara's husband said those first two days home were the happiest he'd ever seen his wife-until she had a seizure. you can read all about it on their blog-but the bottom line is that Sara died the next morning, at only 28 years old.

i beg you to read the story at their blogsite; http://bandssullivan.blogspot.com Brad, the daddy, has kept their blog going and it's obvious what a Godly, mature young man he is. Once you get to their blog, go on the right-hand side and click on a previous month so that you'll be able to read their journey as it unfolds. it is a wonderful story and God shines thru it in a mighty way-that's the only way i am able to rejoice over Sara's death; b/c God has moved thru HUNDREDS b/c of her life.

please be praying for Brad and his sweet baby Chloe.


again, another young military couple whom we never met, but have mutual friends through...and unbelievably, good friends of Brad and Sara Sullivan's...Katie Friedman gave birth to her second baby boy in Aviano, Italy this past Friday night. just a few short hours after she brought him into this world, she-the mommy (Katie) died of massive post-delivery bleeding.

i cannot believe two friends lost their lives, within just a few weeks of each other-and after giving birth. it sounds so archaic to me, but i just lean on the Lord and have to force myself to TRUST that His ways are more perfect than any of us can comprehend here on earth. Jesus, i ask that You move mightily thru Katie's life's story just as you have/are still doing thru Sara's.

Here's the link for that hurting family, their oldest child is only 22 months and you know he is wondering where his mommy is-he's missing her so much! please pray!

(don't be confused when you first get to this link, for the birth announcement of their now two year old son is at the very top. just keep scrolling down and you'll be able to read/see more.)


Kris10 said...

Jen, I've been following the Sullivan's blog as well for a few weeks now and was so sad when I read about the Friedman's. Thanks for posting the Friedman's blog, I hadn't seen that yet.

Molly said...


I was thinking about Sara tonight and trying to comprehend all that has been happening. I follow Sara's and hope to see her husband, and hopefully meet Chloe, in a couple of weeks! I was so lucky to have known her for the short time I did. After thinking about Sara and reading Brady's blog, I was thinking about Katie, who I didn't know, and wondering how her family was doing. I tried to find their blog but couldn't so I googled it and guess who came up? YOU. If there is one thing I know about Sara it's that her friends were so important to her. She has reconnected me to some very special people and I'm including this moment with you.

I hope all is well with Kevin and the rest of the family. We miss you and hope to see you again sometime soon.

I was so glad that you found me! Our blog is up and running now so add us and lets stay in touch. Let me know if you can't find the blog address but my email is mkhc511@gmail.com.
Take care!