Monday, October 05, 2009

october laughs

here's ethan in myah's old pink jeep. kevin wouldn't let eli use it when he was this age and if it weren't for me getting it out of the attic, he wouldn't be letting ethan ride in it either! he keeps saying he's going to paint it black! ha! eli's playing w/ his pals while myah is at school-elmo and mouse. naked baby booty! outside fun in the sun, then outside fun in the rain. the picture of eli laying on the bed is of him watching his baby brother in the monitor. so cute!


Katie said...

Myah is so cute I could eat her! And yeah for the naked baby butt pictures. I have two framed of both girls in the hallway and I keep waiting for Grace to get embarassed.

KBrown's Bad Habit said...

ok ok ok...i checked out the blog! whew-hoo!!! look at those babies growing...i love it that they are so close together (even tho u may not) b/c they will be bestest friends u & me! don't you just love it when they love each other? ...the umbrella pics and myah with ethan in his new pimp the words of pretty betty...GOD is good! luv ya'll bunches!!!