Thursday, May 06, 2010

wrapping up april

boy hair is always fun with sunscreen in it!

can you tell it's time to leave the park? least for ethan!

pretty in pink-and always picking flowers!

gramma betty, loving on her ethan-boy

this makes me laugh out loud just looking at it!

sometimes you just choose your battles; altho this one was pretty easy.

gramma patsy pitches, eli swings and it's a home run, folks!

i just love this stage!

now able to 'ride' (somewhat) w/ the big kids!

oh gramma patsy, let me help you with that!

grandpa harold and eli-talking about their day...

Lord Jesus, please let this be the only time these boys are behind bars! :)

eli 'tied' ethan up (he loved it) and they danced as they walked to the song playing on the jump rope handle.

awwww, cute!

myah takes her creativity to the driveway...

'nother cute one...

my driver for the day

sportsman eli, before his haircut...

this is where your belly button is, little bro...

lemme see those yummy cheeks, ethan!

um...think baseball may be a little too soon yet...

feeling victorious!

the day the kids discovered the sprinklers...

it was pretty chilly, but they didn't care AT ALL!

this morning started out w/ them helping me take out the trash...then the sprinklers came on...

the biggest and the smallest, sharing a 'nana.

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