Monday, January 25, 2010


on saturday, january 16th a good friend of ours in wichita falls was killed when hit by a truck early in the morning when she was out for a run. terri otto (37) was one of those people that make you want to be a better person; she was theeee most Godly woman i've met-and it showed in everything she did...even while she was alive i wanted my personal walk w/ Jesus to be better-now that she's gone, i am on a mission to not only draw closer to Him, but also to share Jesus-with a 'holy boldness' as my mom says. terri was able to do that w/ a gentleness that never made anyone feel 'bad.' she just loved Jesus and wanted everyone to get to know Him like she did. in fact, in november, she'd told a friend that she just had nothing for what this world had to offer, that she wasn't of this world and altho she looooved her family, all she wanted was to be with Jesus! can you see why i want to be more like terri?

i could go on and on about the awesome things she did, but i don't want to make it all about her. as her husband said at her memorial-it's not about terri-she would tell you that herself, it's about HIM! i do ask, however, that you would add her husband dave and their three young kids (ages 7, 4, 3) to your prayer lists as i know the loss of their mommy/wife must be hitting hard right now.

my friend rebecca and i were able to fly to TX to be at her service this past week (yea kevin! he held down the fort like a champ-even when ethan came down w/ a double ear infection!!!) and even tho many tears were shed, i can't tell you the high i was on after her memorial! the Holy Spirit was there and i can guarantee you that the 800+ friends/family members who attended felt it, too! one of the MANY amazing stories regarding terri and her 'work for the Kingdom' took place in her final minutes of life: before the paramedics arrived at the scene, a couple drove by and stopped to help. they held terri's head as they waited and altho she was unconscious, they claim that they felt God in those minutes...once they learned of her death, they drove by the site where it took place and put a bear on the side of the road; when they looked up, there was a billboard that read "nothing's too hard for God." !!!! that couple says they were not where they needed to be spiritually and after her funeral, they decided to get back into church and their goal one day is to meet teri (in Heaven!!!) so even on her deathbed, terri was being used for her gracious Savior, Jesus Christ! isn't that awesome!!!

anyway, here is a picture of the site/billboard. if you would like to learn more or would like to donate money to either the otto family or the wichita falls Pregnancy Help Center (where terri volunteered, her passion was the sanctity of life), please let me know. oh and one other great thing...on the back of the 'program' (for lack of a better word) at her funeral, it read: "if this has stirred you and you would like to have a relationship with Jesus Christ, see Dave Otto" WOW!

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