Monday, January 25, 2010


on jan 3rd, we celebrated our 13th anniv!
a friend came over to watch the kids while we went to dinner and target, ha!

oooh-wee, look at her, FAME!
awwww, sweet boys
all 3 kids have loved this dancin turtle...ethan has to creep up slowly this time
gotta love it when you can make dinner & not worry about the kids.
our pretty myah
eli's doing a 'cool trick' like they do on Yo Gabba Gabba
happy head ethan
is he really that heavy, kev? looks painful.
oh yummy, daddy's head is good!
hi big guy!
myah enjoying a big ole puzzle she got for Christmas
the boys' matching jammies; i love mom-i love dad
the boys, working on a project; operation lost paci
emma and myah, in his crib-reading eli's bible that he LOVES!
if we could only have gotten them to smile...
a Christmas toy for ethan; he can't wait to ride it!
enjoying a beautiful day at the park
ethan isn't walking yet...but still has fun!
" daddy! 'mere, run! chase me!"
grandma patsy and myah, enjoying a movie together.
grandma patsy and eli playing outside
working hard with his tools...
ethan was listening to grandma & papa singing to him, cute!

'twas a long day. boys were fuuuuussy! this was the only way k could keep em both happy...

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