Monday, January 04, 2010

our Christmas review

this isn't the pix we used for our annual santa hat C'mas letter pix, but similar. i had to add this one on the blog just cuz of eli's fun laugh.
k and i before his Christmas party at a downtown hotel. we went w/ our good friends neal and bec.
and here was the highlight of the evening. i was chosen (from about 700 people) to play w/ 11 other people-to play a game of scavenger hunt. i won third place-which was totally thought-out and master-minded-ly planned by k, in order to win this Wii. ha! we still can't believe it.
we let the kids open gifts from us the few nites prior to us leaving for oklahoma. here's our little drummer boy eli.
and here's myah, rockin' out on her new barbie guitar.
here's our pretty C'mas babe-before her C'mas program at school (sorry, the pix from the actual program were too dark).
a fun little train ride at the mall...

k packing up the tahoe at about 11pm the nite before we left. oh my!
ethan having fun with the hotel mirror.
eli watching TV in the hotel.
finally in enid, okla at my parents' house. my dad took eli to get donuts at a gas station when they were here for e's bday back in sept. ever since then, any time eli sees a gas station, he says "papa, me get donuts there." so here he is, in papa's truck, going to a gas station for donuts. ha! my dad said he smiled practically the whole way; unless he was talking-that is-saying "go fast."
yummmmmmy! enjoying those scrumptious donuts!
oh yes, he's a two-year old indeed!
our beautiful blue-eyed little ethan.
poor, poor myah. our second nite in ok, she got a fever and it kept her down the whole time we were in enid. here she looks okay and actually mustered a smile to take a pix w/ her cousins, but 99% of the time, she was sleeping-burning up-and of course, not even able or wanting to take part in all the C'mas food/fun. poor, poor myah hope!
okay, i promise! she really was a very sick little girl!
gramma betty reading to hanna and myah.
see! here's proof of m not feeling so well. even tho she's smiling, you can tell she was not quite there. this silly hat w/ hair was picked out by hanna and aspen when shopping w/ gramma a few months ago. they couldn't WAIT to give it to uncle kevin, hee.hee.
meeting cousin Jessica for the first time! awwww, look at those sweet, sweet china dolls!
again, forced smiles from myah. she barely talked and really wanted to just lay down.

my cousin Julie w/ daughter Jessica and myah and mommy. too bad they live in arkansas and we won't be able to see them for a long time!
change of plans!!! it snowed so hard on C'mas eve, that instead of driving to k's parents in tulsa-we opted to stay off the dangerous roads and spend another nite in enid. here's eli and gramma 'resting', NOT napping, of course next to the window in order to watch the snow come down.
love this of eli watching the snow come down. i so badly wanted to make a snowman w/ the kids, but myah was in no shape to be out in it-it was way too cold on that first day-and soon after, ethan got what myah had and we ended up leaving oklahoma early...
what we saw a lot of on our drive from enid to tulsa on C'mas morning.
the big kids konked out on the drive, but this little dude was wide awake!
myah started coming around once we were in tulsa, whew! poor thing!
okay, so if you haven't noticed yet-ethan (like daddy and eli) has a big head. sometimes it's easier just to give him a rest b/t yanking his tight shirts off, ha!
Merry 1st Christmas, our little baby boy ethan!
eli and bowling. one of his absolute fave gifts. played nonstop! uncle charles was his "set up" man and he played and played and played.

we should have clued in by the color of poor little ethan's cheeks; and yup! he had a high fever, bad cough, nose-running, no-sleep, miserable, crying nite when that nasty bug got a hold of him. that's what made us make the decision to get home before it got any worse...poor gordon kids!
super why, i mean, super eli...thanks uncle charles and aunt kay.
eli loooooved gramma patsy's choo-choo ornament and loved listening to it real close.
aunt rhonda reading one of m's new books to her. i took several pix of the kids and cousins playing Wii, but i couldn't ever get a still shot; they were all blurry. but again, the Wii made for some fun times w/ the kids. thank you papa Gordon for having this for them!
myah and eli did pretty well sleeping together. we'd put em down together, then k and i would each take a kid and sleep w/ them in a bigger bed once we were ready for bed.
here's m's "M" pancake made special for her by good ole uncle charles. next time, i'll be sure to get him in the picture!

we had a great time w/ family over Christmas and were very sorry we had to cut it short at the end...thanks to everyone for the wonderful food, gifts, and fun!

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