Friday, September 07, 2007

more 'around the house' pix

the one of her outside has her 'chalk' footprint next to her. love it! (yes, i know-it needs to be turned!) anyway, the one of kevin and her is under eli's bed, in their 'secret hiding place.' i have THEE best husband! he is so good with her and esp since i'm so exhausted these days, it's great to see him play so well with her-that way i don't feel as guilty! the one of kevin and myah from the back is them in the garage-myah 'helping' daddy change the litter box! the ones with her in her rain boots and 'rain hat' are when she plays pretend in her room. one day she says "it nowing" (snowing) and the next "it's raining." she will get out every hat she owns and put it on each of her stuffed animals. so cute to watch her imagination!

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