Friday, September 21, 2007

at the fair with the newells!

aaahhh, the fair. thankfully, it was a beautiful/cool nite and of course when you add fair food to the mix; it's a beautiful nite. the kiddos had fun, us parents were walking with our chins on the ground at how fast the cash was flyin outta our pockets and everyone got to bed late. oh well! one of these is with owen riding a pony next to his daddy, the one of what myah calls the 'paris wheel' is of neal and his kids (myah said NO!) with emma's little head poking over the top. and to top off the nite, ya know-right before bedtime, was a hot and yummy funnel cake! mmmmm!

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Scott Gordon said...

Aunt Jenn Hope You Are Okay With Eli! Also I Love The Pics.