Sunday, January 04, 2009

Christmas & New Years' Eve

we did our own family Christmas here in Texas. the kids were so cute. then we travelled to Enid for a fun, but quick Christmas with Jenn's family. after a few short days there, we drove to Kev's family in Tulsa for another fun family Christmas.

gingerbread house time!

daddy reads the story about baby Jesus' birth.

they love their new bean bags, and puppy and elmo and princess shoes, and, and, and...

see my bowl full of jelly?

daddy running myah thru the backyard-with reindeer food.

leaving goodies for Santa! (yes, he said he'd visit us in Texas early!)

all i want for Christmas is to deliver EARLY!

our good friends the Newells got the kids these awesome flight suits. fuuuuun!

eli was in such a kissy mood. here he is loving on uncle jason, awwww!

all the cousins watching the scene where baby Jesus was born from the movie The Nativity Story.

opening presents, yeaaaaaaaah!

the next morning, sharing toys they'd gotten from the nite before and below, sharing Nerds that santa had also left in their stockings. what a healthy breakfast!

good morning, Merry Christmas, Grandma Patsy!

what did Santa leave us this time?

Logan and Kevin

Jay and Myah.

Grandpa Harold keeps Eli company while everyone else is busy playing Wii.

Princess Myah!

puppy love!

the kids and mommy LOVE having daddy home this whole week!

ringing in the new year at the bowling alley on base. yippeeeee!

we got lots done while daddy was home, along with LOTS of playtime. here's eli playing in the new double stroller.
HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone, thank you Lord for a wonderful year!

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rgshrs said...

Oh my gosh what a busy Christmas you all had! Hope it was Merry and wishing you a happy new year from Florida!
LOVE Myah's hair cut! Seeing her pics is making me feel much better about the fact that Julia's time is coming too! Can't believe how big Eli is getting! You have a beautiful family Jen, wish you only the best in 2009!