Sunday, January 04, 2009

early December

hope everyone had a safe and special Christmas.
happy new year! welcome 2009!

here are a few random shots from early december...again, i forgot to post these first, so you'll have to scroll all the way down the next two or three posts to see the most current...

it looks as if i'm only 'blogging' about once a month lately, so hopefully-this will be the last one before the baby comes. due date is 31 january, but i really don't know if it'll even be that late! c'mon, baby!

kevin and i had 12 year anniversary on Saturday, January 3rd. we are blessed. notice i didn't say 'celebrated,' couldn't get a sitter. so if there's still no baby this next weekend, we'll try to get out by ourselves and celebrate a belated anniversary!

this was our annual santa hat C'mas picture; the INTENTION was for eli and myah to kiss my belly. obviously, that and eli wearing his santa hat, didn't pan out! :)

princess myah and princess emma have found their prince!

decorating her very own C'mas tree.
after C'mas, we found a PINK princess tree for next year. so this one from Gma Betty will be passed onto Baby G.

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KBrown's Bad Habit said...

Good! Miss Myah needs a pink tree! I love that she loves pink and princesses.