Friday, January 16, 2009

maternity pictures

here are my maternity pix, taken at week 33, from the friend who takes all of our family/kiddos pix. unfortunately, she's moving to korea next week...anyway, i had PLANNED on taking maternity pix w/ eli, but since he came early, it didn't happen. so glad i did it this time, cuz THIS IS MY LAST PREGNANCY! :)


chicknboy said...

you're so beautiful!

PIPO said...

You look amazing!

Those are stunning photos.

KBrown's Bad Habit said...

Wow! Look at THAT BELLY! :)
...I love the pictures...#8 is my fav, fav, fav...then the one w/ the heart over your belly...ahhh!

momoffaith said...

You are beautiful my sweet precious friend!