Saturday, April 03, 2010

and heeeeeere's kevin...

well, kevin went to his FIRST soccer practice w/ the ACSC team and like in college, i got a call saying he was on his way to the ER. yes! 15 years ago, he dislocated his knee cap while playing soccer...this time it was his hand. to make a long story short-he will be having surgery this coming thursday to insert pins into his dislocated and "very unusual injury." (according to the ortho surgeon) what's crazy is that while at the ER, he actually dislocated the entire pinky just trying to get his shorts down for a shot! once we got home from the ER, he took off his chin guards and shocks and not only was there a pretty good gash, but there was a huge bump! so, back to the ER we went...thankfully it was just a hematoma.

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