Saturday, April 03, 2010

Gotcha Day #4

how can it be four years since we got her?!!
each year we let off red balloons; four years, four balloons...

we bought a lot of 'gifts' while in china to give myah each 'gotcha day.' this mulan doll (her FAVE disney princess) is from target, but i love seeing the excitement in her face in this pix.

notice the bling? after watching me put on my make up, she ran off to her room and came out in eye shadow, lip gloss and jewelry! it was so cute! she was so excited! just her and mommy/daddy for a special nite. we normally go to a chinese restaurant, but she really likes doing the hibachi thing at a local japanese restaurant. also, we normally take the boys, but they're both scared of the fire! so this was even more special to her i think, since it was all about her!

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