Sunday, April 11, 2010

the Montgomery Biscuits, yes, the Biscuits...hmmm...

today: kids' day at the montgomery biscuits baseball game...
intentionally got there late (pretty warm out today) so the kids would last to the end of the in, sat down, got sunscreen on everyone and what?!!! it was barely ten minutes and they were already calling the kids to line up to run the bases...ha! now that's pretty good timing! oh and on the plus side, since we got there at the bottom of the 7th, we got in free! can't beat that!
here's eli waiting for the base-running. can you tell he's shy/scared? he's got his fingers in his mouth...awwww, sweetie boy!
cheering/singing/dancing right along w/ the fun loud music!
guess he'd suck his fingers if we took the paci away???
always good music at a pro game! (or AAA in this case)
in the shade and clappin along...
what a dude!
myah took off (and left eli) to run the bases...
so unlike him! he was walking, fingers in his mouth, awww...
that's better, yea daddy!
givin big Mo a high-five!
eli-still having to look over his shoulder; keeping an eye on big Mo...
each kid got a free coke once they rounded home. big fun for the kids!
look mom!
oh yum!
okay, so when did this little boy get so big!?
super cute face, couldn't resist taking a zillion pix!

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