Sunday, April 11, 2010

fun days, fun days indeed!

ethan just walked up behind myah, grabbed onto her shirt and began following her. eli joined in and wah-lah, much fun was had!
ooooh! is that a basketball star in training? mmmm, could be!
oh, i definitely think so! and ethan could play guard!
i see a lot of cousin mason here!
yes, Lord!
i love my guitar shoes, thanks mommy!
myah wants to be a mermaid teacher when she grows up, i think she'll own a floral shop!
what kind of a bush is this anyway? so pretty! she runs out to it first thing, anytime we are outside!
eli often says, "look at me, please!" (esp when i'm driving) ha! anyway, of course this was followed by him jumping off the top of the sand box!
making sure the bug he smooshed was dead!
leanin into the turn just like a pro, whoa buddy!

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