Saturday, April 03, 2010

good times

as we were pulling onto the base for the airshow, (or 'airplane show' as eli calls it!) ethan started going crazy-'talking' and oooh-ing and pointing, trying to find an airplane. he's so cute when he hears them, and is trying to say 'plane,' so far it's p-p-p.
the last time eli saw the t-birds, he was only about 14 months or so and he fell ASLEEP during the show on kevin's shoulder. this time around, he LOVED it and kept saying, 'it's cool, daddy! loud! fast shwwwoooooosh!'

ethan enjoyed the tbirds, too. he loves watching airplanes; daddy's happy!

playtime in ethan's bed!!!!

i love this one!

peek-a-boo, we see you!

what pretty little princesses! oh if you could see eli in person wearing this...dancing around w/ myah. FUNNY, FUNNY STUFF! notice how the nite gown hangs on myah, and hugs eli! hee.hee.

ethan loves looking at books!

and the camera!

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