Friday, February 17, 2006

An Amazing "God thing..."

(jennifer) my mom gave me an idea way back in October 2004 when we decided to adopt. she told me to keep a journal. i have been writing to myah and inserting picutres, fortune cookie sayings, cards from friends, etc ever since. when we got the referral call on Jan 25, 2006-i decided to look back at the journal to see if i'd written anything down on Jan 25 of 2005. this is what i found....
(a bit of history first; we'd submitted the initial adoption paperwork in Oct '04, but took a few months' off of more paperwork while we tried IVF. the first round was not successful, so we prayed for wisdom in what to do next; to keep using all the embryos first and then adopt, or adopt first and then go back to the embryos. we finally decided to keep using all the embryos first.)
recorded on year earlier, on Jan 25, 2005 i had purchased airline tickets back to CA (where our embryos are) and had just received all the meds i was to begin taking the next day, Jan 26 to get my body ready for the second embryo transfer. well, that nite, a great friend of ours, brian vaughn called to tell us that he'd been praying for us. (he had no idea we'd decided to move forward with the IVF first.) he told us that he felt the Lord was telling him to call us right then and tell us we were supposed to adopt first! now tell me that wasn't God!

so that is what i found in my journal-EXACTLY one year ago! and look! Jan 25, 2006-we received our referral of our beautiful daughter! I LOVE IT!

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