Friday, February 17, 2006

Must Stay Busy...

(january 2006) call me crazy, but i needed something that would occupy my time while waiting on that referral. well, training for a half-marathon did just that! kevin and i trained for the PF Chang's Rock N Roll half marathon back in 2004, but three days before the race, my doctor told me that i could do it as long as i kept my heart rate below 140. (due to a fertility procedure) WHAT?! i couldn't even walk 13 miles and keep my HR that low! so, kevin ran it as i watched...not fun at all when you've done all the training! so this year, i decided i needed to "check that box" and get one of these under my belt. so, off i ran. i'm glad i did it, but i can't really say i enjoyed it. from now on, i'll be totally satisfied with getting my exercise by chasing a little one around!

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