Friday, February 17, 2006

Theeee phone call!!!

(jennifer) i was at starbucks with a very good friend, sue (who, by the way helped us spell myah the way we do-as well as gave us the idea of 'hope' as a middle name and the bible verse romans 15:13). i couldn't have asked for anyone better to be with when i got the call. she handed me napkins to wipe my face (i was bawling!!!) and held the paper as i wrote down myah's information that our family coordinator was telling me. i will always remember those moments, especially when i was told myah has been in foster care, not an orphanage! i quickly called kevin and our families, and then made my way to buy something PINK at target, no less! i ended up being on the phone so much that day, that the cartlidge in both ears was so sore and i was completely wiped out by early evening. i couldn't believe it was FINALLY our turn! praise the Lord! by the way, in all of the excitement, i forgot to take a picture at starbucks with my friend and the paper which i wrote everything down!

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