Friday, February 17, 2006

A Bit of her Story...

we took the 'biography' section of the packet to the nice pilots in the singapore squadron on base. they translated it for us; here's a bit of her story...
-was found outside a blood donation center
-was 5 pounds when found
-weighs 14.8 pounds, is 25.4" long as of Dec '05
-laughs out loud
-likes to watch people on bikes (kevin said i can hold her and he'll ride his bike in the driveway!)
-likes her soother (pacifier)
-cries when her favorite toy is taken away (we MUST find out what that toy is!)
-has a lot of hair (b/c the orphanages shave the babies; foster families do not)
-enjoys bath time
-likes to be held, YEA!
-likes music and looking at herself in the mirror

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