Friday, February 17, 2006

Special Delivery

kevin's dad found a website just for families who are adopting babies from hubei, china. we've learned some amazing things from families who've previously adopted babies from there. we also learned that we could send a box to myah's foster family. here's what we sent: a small photo album with pictures of us, her bed, her nursery, our home, and our cats; a rattle/teeter (we learned that she has one tooth!) a stuffed animal, a warm sleeper, a very soft pink blanket given by a friend, and a bath & body works lotion for her foster mom, whom myah is said to call 'mama,' and a letter in mandarin to the foster parents. man! it was so hard to find things that didn't say MADE IN CHINA! this little box cost $37 to send, but she's worth it. we just really hope it finds its way to her!

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