Friday, February 17, 2006

Awaiting the Referral

(jennifer) as soon as we woke up, we got on the Fed Ex website to see where our package was. it said the delivery time would be 12 noon. but, at 11:15, as we were both sitting at the computer, i heard a truck, then our doorbell!!! i bolted down the hall, threw open the door (does this sound like the nite before Christmas?!) and started waving my arms and yelling for the delivery guy to stop. (we wanted to take a picture with him!) out to my right, i could see was amy, our neighbor! she had heard the truck too and was actually getting ready so that she could go sit out in her driveway and wait for our noon arrival....she had wet hair, half her make-up on, her mascara tube in hand and was barely dressed! SO FUNNY! she was running towards our house, also trying to flag down the Fed Ex man, barefoot! he was so nice, but in all the excitement, we forgot to actually pick up the package to hold in the picture!!!! oh happy day!
we came inside and opened it up to see our BEAUTIFUL baby girl; we now have a face to the daughter we've never seen! kevin and i were so excited, and i was sure i'd cried all my tears out the day prior-so amy did the crying for us....we just kept laughing! God, you are so good!

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