Thursday, July 20, 2006

anatomy lesson

it's kinda hard to tell what she's doing, buuuut-she's looking for her nipples!!! there have been several times where kevin is just wearing his pajama pants in the mornings (no shirt) and whenever she sees his nipples; she likes to pinch them and point and say 'uh' until we tell her what it is. (she does this with everything). so, what do we do? we chose to tell her exactly what it is, right? nipples! so a few days later when she was questioning what kev's were again, he asked her where hers were...she looked down, pulled out the top of her shirt and looked down as if to say, right here! hahahahahaha!

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chicknboy said...

I was giggling so hard at this entry I had to call John over...and then he started giggling too! This is so cute! :)