Wednesday, July 05, 2006

happy with a biter biscuit

i know i posted a similar picture, but i'm using this one just for something to use for my text. i just wanted to tell you some things she's doing at this stage (14 months). she started crawling two weeks ago, yippeeeee! and altho we tho't her first word was going to be 'moo' (she loves to point at the cow in one of her favorite books)-she's good at the mmmmm part, but the oo just doesn't follow; but even better...last weekend when kevin was mowing the backyard, she could see him from the living room. i'd been walking back and forth thru the living room and kept saying "there's daddy." one time when i walked back thru by where she was sitting, she as plain as day pointed out the window and said "da-da." aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh! it was so neat! kevin couldn't believe it when i told him and just hugged her and loved all over her!
she also LOOOOVES the itsy-bitsy spider. oh my! she gets her fingers together (thinking she's doing it) and grunts at us until we sing it (over and over and over!) but it's sooo cute! just the other day, we had her 5 'little people' animals sitting in a row on her floor. we asked her where the pig was, she crawled over and picked it up! she knew all 5!!! she's also going to be walking real soon. she's been good at standing/squatting for quite awhile now and can really walk well w/ our fingers and on the furniture. more and more she'll let go and stand alone for a pretty long time. today in fact, she went from standing alone to squatting back to standing; i really praised her for it, so she did it again! well, i better enjoy the last little bit of her not being able to get into EVERYTHING, huh?!

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