Tuesday, July 04, 2006

pretty girl

hello, friends and family! okay, i caved...i'd really intended to "sign off" and not do any more postings to the blog. but so many of you keep saying how much you miss it-then i started thinking of how mean it was for me to share this journey with you, then cut it off...esp after so many of you there in phx went thru the whole process with us! also, i think at the time i "signed off" we were just a few weeks out from our move to texas, i was still trying to adjust to motherhood, etc. now that we're all settled in texas, i realize i DO have time to post...okay, and i also loved the idea my friend jenna (in phx, who just adopted their little girl ana from russia) had about keeping their blog going-and just updating it once a week. so here we are! we're back! call me micheal jordon if you will (retired-came back out), but i actually miss it too; and i'm glad to be 'back.' obviously, the 'journey TO myah' is over, but the journey WITH myah is even more incredible! she has changed sooooooooo much and being in china seems like ions ago. i'll post some of the highlights from the last time i posted in april, but i probably won't write a lot.
hope you all are doing great! stop on by if you're close to texas! and here's "the rest of the story..." this picture was taken in phoenix. the outfit was from a neighbor. my best friend karissa pointed out that i totally had that head-thingy on wrong, but i still think it looks adorable! doesn't she look so grown-up here? oh my!

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