Tuesday, July 04, 2006

kevin's fini-flight

as a part of every (flying) assignment, each pilot does a 'fini-flight' just before he/she moves. they are a lot of fun to watch-the pilot usually by-passes the ladder from the cockpit and jumps to the ground-then takes off...the whole squadron is out there waiting; sometimes with hoses, sometimes with fire extinguishers (filled with H2O), and sometimes even with the fire truck and their hoses! (this happened to kevin in korea; the truck was out there doing something else when he landed and the firemen agreed to hose him down!) either way, you know they're (the pilot) is going to be soaked! i've even seen a pilot get tackled by the other pilots, duct-taped and then soaked. anyway, even tho kevin still has 10 more years in the AF (yes, we are staying in), this could be his last F-16 assignment, YIKES! needless to say, he made sure to really enjoy this last sortie! (this is him, just coming to a stop-before the craziness begins!)

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Schmara said...

Kevin is so cool. I love this picture. I was watching Top Gun last weekend and it just makes me think of our own personal flyboy. Way to go Kevin.