Wednesday, July 05, 2006

and i'm proud 2B an american...

aaahh! living in america, having big bows in her hair and getting pulled by her daddy in her wagon...i bet she's smiling b/c she's thinking "I LOVE THIS COUNTRY!"


Les said...

Yea! I'm so excited you started blogging again! I followed your journey through China after my good friend Bethany sent me your link. My husband and I are adopting through AWAA also. Our doss. is in China, but it is now taking them 12 mo. to process. You can see our family at
I'd love to connect with you!
Mayah is sooooo adorable!

Marc and Jenna said...

She is SO cute and happy! I love it! Happy belated 4th of July and don't ya love having our new Americans by our sides on such an awesome day! It just felt different for me this year...what it TRUELY means...after all we have been through and what we have be an American is amazing! I love our sweet, AMERICAN little girls!

Kristin, Scott & Lily Poteet said...

what a punkin seed!!! truly adorable and can't wait to see her guys look and sound great and thanks so much for continuing the blog...even though it makes lily miss myah more...anywho, take good care:) love, the bopeeps