Wednesday, July 05, 2006

happy first fathers' day, kevin!

this was the first weekend we had alone-since we'd just been with our dads the weekend prior, so we visited a church here in WF. since we were 'church shopping,' we knew we had to put myah in the nursery. aaahhh! this was a first. okay, so i got teary-eyed as i handed her to the worker and so i white-knuckled the pager during the entire service, but i didn't even go peek in on her once! (well, i asked kevin if i could two different times, he said no; ha!) i made a bee-line for the nursery immediately after the final prayer and there she was-doing absolutely fine! they said she played the whole time, ate all her snacks (what's new?!) and never cried! waa-hooooo! this is huge for me! after church, we went to lunch w/ our next-door neighbors and then came home for a relaxing afternoon.

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