Tuesday, March 07, 2006

ONC Shower

(sunday, march 5th) today was such a fun day...my awesome friends from church (orangewood nazarene) threw me a BEAUTIFUL shower. it was at the gorgeous home of one of my friends who lives on a golf course. there were white-table-clothed round tables with neat aisan centerpieces all in the grass and chinese paper lanterns and market umbrellas and food galore around her pool. i remember thinking while i was sitting down to eat, "man! i feel like i'm at some posh resort eating at a fancy luncheon!" the ladies of the church were so generous and once again, i'm going to be writing thank you's for weeks to come! the food, the fellowship, the friendship and the gorgeous weather made this day absolutely wonderful, but the group prayer we had at the end of the shower made it PERFECT! thank you ladies for all the work you put into making this day so special! i'm going to miss ALL of you SO much!!!! (above: the fun hosts, renee and judie)

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