Saturday, April 01, 2006

chinese passport

this is the third time i've tried to post this. hmmm. i wonder if i can only have so many characters; i had originally written a loooong post. anyway this pix is from last nite at the airport on our way to guangzhau. we had such a big day travelling and myah had a rough time once it was bed-time, so that's why we weren't able to post yesterday, sorry! short version: i got a little emotional leaving her province of hubei; knowing she had no clue what she was leaving...her beginning, but i know this is the plan God's had since before she (and prob kevin and i, too) was born. anyway, she did AWESOME on the flight. our hotel is super-nice; mcdonalds and starbucks next door. she slept til 7am, instead of the usual 5:30 (we were so appreciative!) and it's been so fun seeing the rest of the group again; with all their beautiful babies!

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