Thursday, April 06, 2006

just before bedtime in her new room

little did we know how much this rocking chair would be used after this pix was taken. she was still doing great; enjoyed bathtime, ate a good dinner and was her happy self. she took her bottle and was out before she finished it. (7pm)...and then it began... poor thing-she had a pretty rough nite, and i can't blame her one bit! this was the third big change in less than two weeks, plus all the time-change, AND we think she's teething. poor baby. the last time i went in to help her get back to sleep was at 2am and from then to 7am, she slept continuously. whew! what a first nite that was! anyway, she woke up a little fussy and has been very clingy today. bless her heart. anyway, i'm gonna go in the other room and play with her and kevin right now. i'll post one or two more times probably tomorrow, but then i may stop; i'm going to have these printed and then bound; so i've gotta stop somewhere. after that, i may send pix every once in while, in emails. til then, sleep well and think of us as YOU'RE sleeping thru the nite! : )


Brian and Eugenia said...

WELCOME HOME! We cannot wait to meet you. Give your Mom and Dad a hug and kiss for us.
Proverbs 3:5,6
Brian, Eugenia, Joshua, Matthew, and Lauren Vaughn

Ava Baby said...

Welcome home! I've really enjoyed following your journey to Myah. I don't know how long til you move but, if your still in town, I hope you come to the next FCC waiting families dinner to show off your angel.
Best of Luck

Donna & Joe said...

I'm so glad that you're home safe and sound. It looks like Miss Myah was her sweet little self on the long trip home. I think you guys have one very beautiful and very sweet little girl!

I really hope you can make the next Waiting Families dinner before you move...Joe and I would love to meet Myah. We have so enjoyed being along for you journey!

Donna :)

Stephanie said...

Your daugther is beautiful. I just went through all your recent posts from China - it looks like you had a great time (although I am sure you are happy to be home). My husband and I have a 4 year old daughter and am in the process of adopting a little girl from China. You can check out my blog, if you wish, at

Linda said...

I have thoughly enjoyed reading about your "journey to Myah!" Yesterday I shared it with my cleaning lady and we cried together as we saw your pictures and read your entries! God Bless you!

Linda Teakell
Clovis, New Mexico

Molly and Cameron said...

Please, please don't stop!!! I (we)'ve loved watching the journey of Myah!!! What a wonderful story, and a fabulous journey!!!

Thanks for sharing!!!

Molly, Cameron and the kids