Monday, April 03, 2006

squeaky shoes!!!!!!!!

we heard about these popular things a loooong time ago. they actually have squeakers in the soles of each shoe! (thankfully, you can take them out if it gets too irritating!) anyway, they are abosolutely adorable and EVERYONE has em! ha! it's hilarious-you can always hear a little person coming long before you can see them! we put em on myah, even tho she's not walking and she loved them! she figured it out right away-that if she steps down, they'll squeak. she would take a few step and totally be looking down at her feet, then look up and smile so big! then she even started jumping up and down and even stomping one foot just to hear it! hahahha!

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The Golovach 5 said...

Yea! Squeaky shoes. It kind of confused me the first time I met a little girl with these on. Couldn't figure out where that squeaking was coming from!!