Friday, April 14, 2006

first time to church!

awwww, how cute! i'd bought this dress back in 2000, after my miscarriage; i just KNEW that one day, i'd have a beautiful girl who could wear it...and she's finally here! myah lasted thru the worship/singing part at church, then got a little too figity. she and i played/fought sleep in the foyer for awhile-then daddy came to join us. after church-the crowds came in full! oh my! all our neat friends there wanted to finally see this special baby who they'd prayed for for so long. myah did pretty good-but she'd already missed her morning nap, so after about 15 mins of 'meeting people,' she'd had enuf and it was time to get her home. kevin thinks she was just fussy b/c she wasn't in a baptist church, ha!

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