Saturday, April 01, 2006


this was taken outside our hotel in hubei. these people were doing early-morning tai-chi. neat. okay, funny story-fast forward to monday afternoon in guangzhau. myah had her first REAL good poo. and it makes me laugh outloud even now (but i have to shhhh, cuz she's sleeping!) but as soon as we opened up her diaper, kev flew across the room and kept saying OH MY GOSH! and all i could do was just stand there, holding her legs in the air, but me, doubled-over in laughter! i was cracking up, i tell ya! then kevin tried to come back and help me, b/c yes-by this point, i had to get to work (using a million wipe-ys) and was gagging, a lot! we were both pretty grossed out and when it was finally all over and done with, he kept telling me, "i'm not kidding, honey, i almost threw up!" hahahhahaha! sooooo funny! my gut still hurts from laughing, then gagging so hard! the entire time, sweet little myah just let us laugh our butts of and was so good. poor baby-her parents were laughing at her expense! oh and then it came time to attack the green monsters in her nose; as you can guess, she barely put up a fight! oh yeah, kevin called that diaper, a "fu bomb", (her chinese first name is Fu). hee.hee.


Tracy said...

I have tears rolling down my face. That is hysterical!
There will be many funny, sweet memories ahead.

Have a safe trip home.

Scott and Tracy

Mom and Dad Gordon said...

Dad and I are rolling on the floor!! Like father like son. I think Dad gagged everytime he had to change a dirty diaper. He says he thinks he could change Myah's-ha, ha. I doubt that very seriously. We'll see! There will be many "Fu bom's" to come. Love, Mom and Grandma

The Newell's said...

So funny.... wondering when you two would begin the gagging..hee hee!!! Fu bomb, I must say is so funny too. She must have had her first one from eating chicken nuggets!

A few days a you all will be home, praise God!
Love you!
Neal, Rebecca and the three lil ones