Monday, April 03, 2006

a day of shopping

this morning after breakfast, we all had to stay in our hotel rooms (well, at least one parent) while our two guides did all our paperwork at the US consolate. one parent needed to stay in the room in the event of a question regarding the paperwork. no one needed a call-everyone's paperwork went thru!!! after that, we went via taxi to the electronics market; there were three buildings of six floors each FULL of electronics vendors. talk about cheap, oh my! too bad we have such a low weight limit on the plane! after that, we all went to shamian island where all the 'american shopping' is. here we are underneat a sign to a store called "jennifer's place," but the guy who took it must not have understood why we wanted a pix in front of it. hee.hee. we bought myah 16 gifts (small, cheapy-yet chinese-y stuff) so we can give her one thing per birthday til she's sixteen. it was fun picking stuff out.

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