Friday, April 07, 2006

homecoming at sky harbor

here is one of the first pix of us approaching our 'welcoming committee' at the airport on wednesday. our friends, the grattopps took these and will actually be sending more in a few days. (so-i've decided to keep this blog going, at least updating it, unti i've posted the other ones they captured at the airport) how true this shot is...kevin, all smiles. myah, happy as a clam. me, crying!

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Betty Brinley said...

Oops. I think I lost the comment I just put in.

Honey, you are your Mom's daughter and your Poppy's granddaughter. Those precious tears. That heart that is so full of tenderness and pride for your family and friends. HE has really done it this time! I'm so grateful for this dream becoming a reality for you and Kevin. I know you might not feel worthy of her, but God selected you both out of all the other couples in the WORLD to hold her, and wipe her, and teach her "Jesus Loves Me". How very awesome is that! Everyone loves Myah...especially her gram mommason Betty.