Saturday, April 01, 2006

medical exam

goooood morning! wow, this little one slept til seven this morning (her normal wake-time has been 5:30). she was so exhausted from yesterday's travel and changes, plus-she was real snotty and cough-y last nite; so i know she wasn't feeling good. anyway, it's been SO fun to meet back up with everybody and seeing so many ADORABLE baby girls! here we are at the clinic; it was an absolute zoo! people and babies everywhere; some crying, some asleep. long lines and very hot inside. this is a mandatory check-up for all the babies. all passed, thank you Lord. how did myah do, you ask? see for yourself on these next few pix...PS, neal and bec-we are SO grateful for this baby bjorn you got us. it's been perfect; she does so well in it AND we love doing the bonding-thing...eye-2-eye contact and being so close together! thanks!

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