Thursday, April 06, 2006

flyin the friendly skies

well, as most of you may have guessed-the reason why we haven't posted in a while is b/c we were ON OUR WAY HOME!!!! i tried to post a few things tuesday nite, the nite before we left china-but the hotel internet wouldn't let us. so anyway, here's the little peanut-fast asleep on the plane. as usual, she did FANTASTIC! out of the 26 hours she was 'in transit,' we estimated that she only was fussy for about 5 minutes of that time! wow! see guys, your prayers were not only heard-but answered! thank you!!!

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The Golovach 5 said...

This adventure has been a total blast for us! We know you have to stop somewhere but would love to hear some updates every now and then about how she is adjusting and growing! We hope you'll come out for a visit so we can meet your new little blessing!