Monday, March 27, 2006

1 hour til myah arrives

okay, so here we all are, in the conference room one hour til the babies arrive. we filled out a few forms that the officials will use to get her chinese passport ready. it only took about 30 minutes, so the remaining 30-we went back to the room, put up the paperwork, then bought her some apple juice to have a sippy cup ready-just in case. kevin saw the babies/nannies (orphanage workers) in the lobby, i glanced over real quick, then decided i needed to get to the conference room before i passed out! i all of a sudden got REAL nervous and a little light-headed and hot! it didn't help that the room was extremely warm either. anyway, a little more paperwork had to be signed (see next pix) then after we signed it, they handed each family a photo album the orphanage had made. (we both got really choked up when they announced we'd all be getting one)!

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Jenna and Marc said...

OH MY GOODNESS! Man, why do they keep it so hot? Russia was the same way!!! Bundled too and a million degrees inside! We finally just opened a window in our room and let the snow in I couldn't stand it anymore! YOU SHOULD HAVE HER NOW!!! PRAISE GOD!!!