Saturday, March 25, 2006

summer palace

after lunch, we visited a pearl factory where 'mom' and myah got a few things; we picked out a pink peal necklace to give her on her 16th birthday. then we went to the summer palace where the emperor and his family vacationed. it sits on this man-made lake and is made up of many old buildings. it was also a neat place, but was packed with people! it's so funny watching the chinese people watch us! at the forbidden city this morning, some chinese people wanted to take a picture with us and many chinese were taking pictures of a little blonde girl in our group.


Jeanette said...

What an awesome idea-getting her a necklace to give to her on her 16th birthday!
Know that we are praying for you as well as for Myah and her foster mom as you all adjust to a new way of life.

Amy Allen said...

I love that you got her a pearl necklace for 16th and from her country. You guys are the best parents. It is beautiful from the pics!