Monday, March 27, 2006

not laughing yet

she had on THREE layers of clothes!


JULIE said...

i LOVE that she has the toy i sent her! awww... thanks for making my day, jen!! :-) she is PRECIOUS beyond words... i see it finally "hit!" haha
we love you guys..... keep posting pics..night and day! haha

XO, Julie & the boys!

Betty Brinley said...

Thank Heaven for little girls (who have mimi's.

Mom and Dad Gordon said...

What a China doll. She looks good in pink! XOXOXO

Jenna and Marc said...

The layer of clothes cracks me up! They puff them up so much...I think Alex had on 3 to 4 layers too...I don't get it! It's hot insided! :) She's perfect!

Shelby said...

She is soooo dang cute! We love her! Kelly and Brinley just came up here...they love her...Brin just looked at her..."that's Jennifer's baby?" YEP THAT"S HER!

She looks like a happy baby. Thank you Jesus!