Tuesday, March 21, 2006

the conference call

last week, our agency and all FORTY-THREE people of our 'travel group' had a conference call. kevin and i went to the stitzel's house (we don't have high-speed internet still) so we could watch it on the internet as well as participate in the call. it was an informative two-hour call with a Q&A time at the end. during the initial 'roll call' at the beginning of the call, kevin and i looked over at eachother and we were both choked up! and that was just the roll call! it was pretty emotional listening to everyone's introduction of themselves, where they were from, what province their baby is in and what her/his new name is. (for those of you that know me well, you know that kevin had to do the introductions for us, cuz there was a lump as big as a baseball in my throat!)


burrito said...

hey Tara, this is Teresa... he is wearing our suit... that is illegal or something right?

Schmara said...

Well Teresa, just as long as he doesn't go out in public and try to pass for one of us then I think he is ok.