Wednesday, March 29, 2006

ordering off a chinese menu

here's paul and kevin trying to decifer what the pictures mean at KFC. fuuuunny! when we got back to the room with the food, poor baby myah had another 'constipation catastrophie'-man! that is SO hard to watch. she was standing on kev's lap, facing him and would just pinch his neck during the pain. pooooor girl! she was sooooooooo exhausted from trying to 'go' and was past her nap anyway, that while standing there on her daddy and pushing, she literally fell asleep! her eyes closed and head dropped; but only for a second. then back to hurting again. she was SUCH a good girl-it was like she was trying to hard to still be her sweet little self, but just had to cry out with the pain. (yes, again-i was crying right along with her). we finally took her up to paul and beth's room (sophie's parents) and used one of their glycerin supositories (SP?). but after an hour and 15 mins, STILL nada! she even pushed the supository out! she was so super tired and wore out by this time, so we went down the hall and knocked on shery's door (our agency's guide). she told us to wait 20 mins while she called the other guide; they showed up at our door with some 'chinese oil' little bottles. they'd gone to the pharmacy for us! it was like a baby enema..oh! i'm sorry if i'm getting to graphic here-again, this is for the grandparents! : )
we had to undress myah and lay her on her tummy (which she hates anyway) on the bed. as soon as we laid her down and she started fussing, both shery and christina went to work. they got down in her face and loudly kinda beat the bed next to myah's head and kept saying 'boo-pah' real fast. it worked! later they said it means "don't worry. don't cry, it's okay." christina did the enema thing, then they picked her up and quickly sat her on the potty. and BAM! it was instant! poor sweet myah sat there as they held her and kevin and i talked to her and i was kissing all over her head, yes-still crying of course-and just a few minutes into it, you could SEE that she felt better! sweet, sweet baby! thank you Lord for christina and shery! it was absolutely fascinating to watch them in action! we are SO impressed and oh so thankful for them. okay, awhile later, wiped out myah finally dozed off so kev and i ate our cold KFC in the hallway. didn't want to take ANY chances on waking that sweet baby after all she'd been thru! what a nite!


Jan and Tinman said...

Hey Jenny G!
So sorry to hear she's having such a hard time pooping. Trust me, I know what it's like...Nathan went once every 3 days when he was little and if he waited any longer, we had problems like Myah. Just FYI in case you keep having problems, here's are a few tips that worked for us that might help while you're over there. If you're feeding her baby fruit, don't give her bananas...those tend to constipate some babies. Keep giving her prunes or blueberries until she's more regular. And, when she is constipated, our pediatrician told us to pour a little over the counter Milk of Magnesia in his milk bottle. She won't be able to taste it and it's a lot easier on you than suppositories. As far as the amount...we were told however much you put in is what you'll get back out! :) It works like a charm...I'd try starting with about a teaspoon. I don't mean to be shelling out parenting advice online, but I know how helpless you feel when it happens and how tough this poopy situation can be for all of you! Good luck!

Schmara said...

I don't have a baby but I am taking that good advice if I do. It is funny that your post is ordering off the chinese menu and it ends with suppositories and a big pooh. I'm so glad she was feeling better.