Monday, March 27, 2006

we made it thru the first nite!

hey guys, for some reason-i'm having trouble with blogger this morning; perhaps i'm so tired i cannot remember how to use it? she is AMAZING! she was so happy from the minute we first held her all the way til she just rubbed her eyes and konked out at 6:30. no fussing at all! woke up an hour later, tried feeding her some more. man, trying to figure out how to use chinese formula/rice cereal, not possible! then it hit. all of a sudden it was like she figured it out-that us funny looking people weren't giving her back to who/what she knew. she cried so hard for about an hour (along with mom!) and you parents know what i'm talking about. NOTHING would console her. she wanted me, then as soon as i'd take her, she wanted kevin...eventually, kevin just sat down with her and we got out this toy phone (thanks, jason and susan!) that she loves. she calmed down and eventually dozed off. so she slept from 10pm to 6:30 this am, but was very restless; i.e. which means we just cat-napped all nite. we learned she LOVES her paci, but ends up pulling it out in the nite, therefore losing it. now we know why everyone told us to bring a flashlight! she only cried out twice, and as soon as we gave her the paci, she immediately stopped. anyway, thank you Lord for finally calming us all down. it absolutely broke our hearts when she was so worked up. we were both crying just hurting for her-we can't even imagine how scared she is or what she's thinking/going thru. kevin later told me that was the hardest thing he's ever done! by the way, he is one awesome daddy! at any movement or peep she made last nite, i'd look over and he was already leanin over her crib! anyway, we need to figure out how to both get ready while also keeping her content. we have to go to bfast (oh yeah, we're officially REAL parents now-we haven't eaten since lunch yesterday!) then onto do some paperwork. from now on, i'll mostly post pix, not much journaling. keep praying for us! we need wisdom to know what to do! thanks!


The Newell's said...

Welcome to the fun , not sure what ever to do world, of parenting. Nothing is more challenging and rewarding all at the same time. We will continue to pray for your wisdom and patience!!
Love you lots,

Betty Brinley said...

You are doing just fine, honey.


Schmara said...

Jenn and Kevin, thank you so much for posting and keeping us all involved we all love to see your new postings. I feel like it is good that she got to cry and be sad for her old life, I think it will help her be able to embrace her new life and family that much more. You guys are breaking my heart with every picture, in a good way. Love you all. Tara