Sunday, March 26, 2006


yes, it is less than 24 hours now (17 hrs to be exact!) until we come face to face with this baby we've loved in our hearts and minds for the last 13 months! aaahhh! (it's starting to hit me a little bit, FINALLY!) we learned today that the babies in the hubei province (myah's province) who've been in foster care (her) were taken to the orphanage 1-2 weeks ago; UGH! this ripped my heart apart! poor little babies! anyway, i'm trying not to think about it and focusing on tomorrow's joy...anyway, we have to be on the busses at 6:20am to catch our 8am flight to hubei. it's only a 1.5 hr flight there, but then an hour bus ride to the hotel. we'll get there about 11am, china time. then at 3pm (ugh! lots of down-time.), we go down into the conference room where we begin some paperwork. and at 4pm....drum roll, please, the babies arrive! oh my goodness; i can't even fathom the gravity of what our emotions are about to experience! so the next time we publish any more journals/pictures, we'll have her! oh my goodness, we'll really have her! i guess i need to preface that; MYAH-WILLING, we'll be posting something tomorrow nite! : )
well, guys, here's hoping all us families get a good nite's sleep-cuz it's our last nite for forever, without children! woooo-hooooo! we hope you ALL are doing well too and enjoying the journey.
okay, my eyeballs are stinging and i've GOT to get to bed. biggest day of my life happening just hours away. love you ALL!


renee said...

Kevin and Jenn,

We are right there with you. Yeah God! I'm going to be late to church because I wanted to catch up on you guys (Choir retreat this weekend so i couldn't check in for 2 days Ugh). Love you guys so much. Renee and family.

Schmara said...

Congrats. Lots of love and a little luck. My parents said that I kept them up all night and my flight didn't come in until midnight and I wouldn't go to sleep. You will probably be way too excited to sleep. I know it will be magical for you both. Love you guys. tara

Joel and Angela said...

I am so excited for you and for Myah!!! Lots of prayers for you!

Tracy said...

We are keeping up with the blog and can't wait to see photos of your precious daughter and photos of you both with puffy eyes, and tear streaked face from the complete JOY you will feel when you see and hold your baby girl in your arms.


jodywebber said...

Jen and Kevin, Youre probably sleeping right now so I'm praying God lets you sleep a little deeper and more peacefully so you are at your best physically tomorrow when you get there!!! He has such great plans for your SWEET fam!!! This is the coolest "baby having" experience ever! Love you guys and HUGE HUGS from Oklahoma!! Tara, you crack me up!!! ;}
love you guys-
Jody and Ryan

Trevor Miller said...

Congratulations! We just heard the good news today and we look forward to meeting Myah when you get to Texas!

The Golovach 5 said...

We are so excited to be sharing in this journey with you guys! We pray for a joyous meeting for the 3 of you tomorrow! Can't wait to see pix!

Shelby said...

All I can do is just sit here and cry...I love you so so much. Happy tears! Happy tears!

Do you remember standing in the hallway until midnight at Bass Hospital after getting off work from ND? Well, here I the hallway.

I'm so so so happy for you. You guys are going to do great, be great...Ah! Jesus is good.

Mom and Dad Gordon said...

Well Mom and Dad Gordon,

The time for you to get your little China doll is almost here and we are so excited! Hope you both get a good nights rest. This has been a long journey, but when you see your little Myah it will be all worth it-thank you Jesus. Can't wait to see pictures of you with her. Give her hugs and kisses for us.
Love, Grandpapason and Grandmamason Gordon

Dad is so excited-he comes into the computer first thing when he gets home or up in the morning. Next time we talk to you you will have Miss Myah! Love you, Mom

Brett, Julie & Emily said...

Kev and Jenn, You have been on our minds ALL DAY long!!! I think we talked about you everywhere we went! We are so excited for you and wish we could be right there with you as you go through this experience. God is sooo good. We love you and can't wait to see Myah.