Monday, March 27, 2006

general info

ugh! we can't figure out why the pix aren't posting!!!! anyway, we just googled metric conversions and this little peanut only weighs 13 pounds-and she's 11 months old! i know i've not been a mother very long, but i'm hearing my motherly instincts tell me that perhaps the reason why she is so restless in her sleep is b/c her belly is just not getting full?! i can't believe how tiny she is! we were able to convert and figure out some directions off of her 'nestle' powdered milk package via flashlight in the wee hours of the morning; that way, as soon as she woke up this morning, we already had the thermos of tap water boiled and set the bottle in it to warm up as well. she drank it like a champ! whew! i think we finally got something right. what a sweetie, she doesn't even complain! anyway, she was only up for about an hour-was real happy, played with her toys-and then the eye-rubbing started again. i jumped in the shower while kevin got her back to sleep. i wish you guys could see him with her! it melts my heart! and she is just so breath-taking! we just keep saying over and over how beautiful she is! anyway, b/c of all the comotion last nite w/ her being so upset-we were totally wiped out and decided we needed to go to bed as soon as she fell asleep. so, we are STARVIN MARVIN right now, but she's napping. i told kevin to go eat while i do this, then i'll go once he's back. i just took a pix of her sleeping, i really hope we can figure out what's wrong w/ the pix-posting part; she's an absolute angel! she likes sleeping w/ her arms out to the sides; she must know her daddy's a pilot and she's pretenting to be flying. ps can you kiss a baby too much?


Tracy said...

I haven't been able to post photos on my blogger page either for some reason. It's not you.

Hang In There Mom and Dad. Before you know it, you'll know what every cry means and what she needs.

Take Care,

Brian and Eugenia said...

WELCOME TO THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF PARENTHOOD! It is the toughest job you will ever love. Was there any question Kevin would be a great dad? Jen, no you cannot give to many kisses. Give another one to her from us. We are so excited for you.
Phil 4:13
Brian and Eugenia

Allan T. Sawyer, MD said...

Just wanted to let you know that Anna and Amber weighed only 13 pounds at 13 months, so Myah is doing great! We can totally relate to what you are going through right now. Brings back a lot of memories! Love, Allan, Teresa, Michael, Andrew, Anna and Amber Sawyer

Betty Brinley said...

I have had a very hard time concentrating today...thinking, praying, and rejoicing of these first baby steps of loving Myah.

Piece of cake. No matter if you never get a solid night's rest until she's 21, you can always sleep when you get old. We know this is true.

You are proof you cannot kiss a baby too much. Even on their little shiny hineys!

Now, you-won-the-lottery!

God has really done it this time.

Loving you all, Mom

momoffaith said...

Do you remember how I was telling you when Lauren was a baby, Greg and I used to always say that there was NO WAY any other baby could have ever had as many kisses! You just can't help yourself! Oh-you might want to recheck that Benadryl dosage with her being so tiny!!, just don't call that guy at Target! :) Love, Susanne

Joel and Angela said...

Baby kisses are as sweet as sugar!
You can't have too many!

Amy A said...

Maybe you were supposed to weigh her with all of those layers??? It's hard to believe there was only 13 lbs under all those clothes. She is beautiful and we know you will fill her tummy soon enough.