Tuesday, March 28, 2006

phone call...

oh yea! it's working. another girl in our group is having trouble as well-this is supposedly 'high speed' but it's not quite, so maybe afternoons are gonna be the times when the traffic is lighter and when i should post em. just to update you, my beautiful baby girl is sitting on her daddy's tummy right now, talking in her sweet little voice and playing with toys. we went to a group lunch and she was the center of attention. she is SOOOOOOOOO happy! and SOOOOOOOOOO stinkin cute! it still brings me to tears sometimes just to look at her. she is striking to me! her eyes are unbelievable; and i know none of these pix are doing it justice. after lunch, we all went to the carrefour mall for supplies. LOTS of curious chinese people, and a few 'thumbs up' from them! little miss myah slept during the whole 1.5 hr long shopping trip in the baby bjorn. at one point, she was just looking up into my eyes, resting her head on my chest and my tears were running down my cheeks. she is a treasure, and she is ours! we are blessed beyond measure, and we give all the glory to God! okay, i'll quit rambling and add more pix.
this was from yesterday afternoon. by the way, she came to us in THREE layers of clothes! check out in the next pix how her diaper was TIED on! oh my! poor babies!


The Applejuice Family said...

Kevin and Jen,

She is absolutely beautiful!! Look at those red cheeks and those beautiful eyes.

A little China Doll.

What a peach. Can't WAIT to pinch them cheeks.


Betty Brinley said...

The future Miss America!

My beautiful little granddaughter. I think she has her Mommie's pretty smile, don't you?

GrammaSon Betty

Mom and Dad Gordon said...

Wow, too cute. I get teary eyed everytime I see pictures of her! Can't wait to see her. Give her hugs and kisses for us. We know you all are so blessed and fulfilled.

Love, grandmamason Patsy

Jenn, you all need to find out how to say Grandma and Grandpa in Chinese! I have no idea!